Audio walk: The Wooden Toy Truck Experience    

The artist duo Apperaat and Dokk1 present The Wooden Toy Truck Experience.

Join an audio walk at Dokk1. A completely new and unique way of releasing and experiencing music in Aarhus.

Available in the opening hours of Dokk1.
Free, no registration needed.
Duration of the walk: approx. 40 min.

- Bring your smartphone and headphones (preferably closed headphones)
- Stand in the information area
- Press play and “listen in browser” on this player:

NB: Samsung smartphone users should use the browser Chrome.

The Wooden Toy Truck Experience is an audio walk at Dokk1, which contains music and stories that guide the listener on a journey to both Bremen and the Faroe Islands, not to mention Jupiter. It all takes places along mysterious paths at Dokk1, inside as well as outside.

Apperaat challenges and rethinks the formats and this is a suggestion of a new and additional way of releasing music. In a time where all music is available everywhere The Wooden Toy Truck Experience is an example of how artists themselves can define where and how the music should be heard.

The project is funded by Musikforlæggerne.