Recycle Thinking

A video installation by apperaat (Tam Vibberstoft and Niels Gade) exhibited at Women's Museum during Kulturnat Aarhus October 2011.

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"Recycle Thinking" is a video and sound installation by Tam Vibberstoft created in collaboration with Women's Museum and producer Niels Gade.

How can we transfer the quest for sustainability to art and idea exchange? What are the parallels?
These questions will be visualized in the installation by several projections bound together by a soundscape. The creative process of thought is a positive process. It's progressive and one idea will lead to another. This process is reflected in the images in the video projections. All in all the projections shape a picture of a collective "bank of ideas". It's an open bank in which every participant is free to give and take. The idea bank challenges the view of ideas as private property and suggests less monopoly on "the good idea".

The good idea evolves in a collaborative exchange and that's the core of Recycle Thinking.

Video impression from the installation