About Apperaat

Apperaat was a Danish artist duo consisting of Tam Vibberstoft and Niels Gade.
Apperaat was founded in 2012 and existed until 2018.

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Our second music album titled "The Wooden Toy Truck" was released in 2016 and released again in 2017 as an audiowalk.

Ongekunsteld wrote:
"The tracks have an attractive cohesion. The sound is characteristic on all nine tracks. The fresh fact that there's spend time on the story behind the music adds an interesting element to the act. Now it's not only experimental but also personal and it provides the album the power needed to leave an impression behind."

In 2013 we released our debut album titled ”? !”, which received everything from 1 to 6 stars.

Lydtapet wrote:
"Wonder team is perfectly imperfect" - "An utterly strong debut with a fantastic different sound and appearance that is both wrong and grotesque, and yet it makes perfectly sense."

Bands of tomorrow wrote:
"? ! is an excellent album worth putting on repeat. I love the vocal and the many musical surprises on the album. In total, apperaat is a fresh breeze on the Danish music venue, which I will keep an eye on in the future."

Lately we've produced several ambient sound pieces and video for theatre performances in a collaboration with Teater Fluks and Teater Seachange.


We have directed, produced and promoted a wide range of music videos for our own music and for other Danish artists.


We have produced 5 portrait films:

Biskop emeritus Kjeld Holm om samarbejdet med Apperaat ifm. produktionen af portrætfilm:
”Jeg har haft den særlige oplevelse, at der er blevet lavet en portrætfilm om mig af den Aarhusianske kunstnerduo Apperaat, der består af Tam Vibberstoft og Niels Gade. Hele forløbet med produktionen af filmen var naturligvis spændende, men det slår mig i særdeleshed, hvor professionelt og anderledes Apperaat arbejder. De har små armbevægelser, og deres produktionsudstyr fylder ikke meget - de er diskrete og næsten usynlige i deres metode. Samtidig er de vedholdende i jagten på den helt rigtige optagelse. Med den arbejdsmetode har de skabt en dejlig nærværende og poetisk film, der er blevet strålende modtaget med fine anmeldelser. Et af vilkårene for deres film er, at man som den portrætterede, ikke ser filmen, før den har premiere. Dette er en tillidssag, og jeg er meget tilfreds med den tillid, der har været mellem Apperaat og jeg under forløbet med at lave filmen. De kunne altså have klippet filmen i en helt anden retning eller have haft en skjult dagsorden, hvor de eks. ville sætte mig i et dårligt lys, men Tam og Niels har været tro mod mig og min fortælling og tillige formået et løfte den til et filmisk værk.”

Kristeligt Dagblad review of "Biskop Emeritus Kjeld Holm om Kjeld Holm":
”The portrait film about Bishop Emeritus Kjeld Holm is sympathetic and nice in his depiction. (...) It has got the somewhat heavy title "Biskop Emeritus Kjeld Holm om Kjeld Holm", but they have succeeded quite nicely and beautifully. Kjeld Holm is a good acquaintance throughout the 46 minutes the film lasts.”

Aarhus Stiftstidende about the portrait film "Biskop Emeritus Kjeld Holm om Kjeld Holm":
”250 guests obviously enjoyed the film, which in a lovely and almost understated way lets Kjeld Holm share his knowledge - you could call it wisdom. No doubt that the city's former bishop is uncommonly giftet.”


We have participated in several art exhibitions and performed by a variety of art events in Denmark and abroad with our Pleasant Performance and as DJ Decandence.

Month of Performing Art - Berlin wrote:
"Balancing four forms can be difficult to say the least, each form having its own associated techniques and limitations that come along with them. I felt that in this performance, apperaat successfully brought these elements together through an extreme cohesion and lack of disparity.” "I did have a pleasant experience, visually, auditorily, and gustatorily."


"Apperaat has been and is still a very valuable ressource in a great part of our development projects and events, in which they provide our organisation with a fresh touch of diversity by their alternative approach to challenges. Apperaat has an extensive network reaching into artistic and creative environments, which is adding value and innovative thinking to their clients.
Finally you can be sure to be challenged on your habitual thinking pattern in their company."

- Karsten Lumbye Jensen, Head of Innovation at Insero

"During several years the Womenʼs Museum has worked with apperaat on numerous projects. They have the courage to experiment with both the visuals and with the music. - They are utterly professional."
- Lene Mørk, Director, Womenʼs Museum in Denmark


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